Economic Packs

Designed particularly for newborn babies, Optimal products provide asensitive carewith pure waterand 100%viscose fabrictexture. Itdelicately cleans the skin and provides hygiene by purifying withoutdamaging theskin.

Hypoallergenic and unscented.

This specialformula whichdoes notcontain alcohol,paraben, dye,allergen orsynthetic fiber,provides adelicate cleaningwithoutdamaging tosensitive skin ofbabies.

Carry Everywhere.

Our Economic Pack Wipes


Optimal Premium Economic


Code: 5304000204259 /  Box 10 PCS

Optimal Argan

120 Pcs

Code: 5304000204617 / Box 16 PCS

Optimal Chamomile

72 Pcs

Code: 5304000357146/  Box 28 PCS

Optimal Rose

72 Pcs

Code: 5304000357139/  Box 28 PCS