Wet toilet wipes

Optimal toilet  wet wipes are uniquely designed and  lightly moistened to give you a clean feeling every time you use them They have a softtexture with great dimensions and are chamomile scented. Optimal toiletwet wipes areparaben freeand alcoholfree

Wet wipes specials

Specially designed for adults, these wet wipes are of very large dimen­ sions and can be used for bathing or to minimize odors. Wet wipes foradults are great to prevent skin irritation and they have a moisturizingeffect For easier usage or access, these wet wipes are enclosed with a resealable lid.

The aseptic and antibacterial materials can play the role of antibacte­ rial and deodorization. With the method of melting and compressing,the bacteria filtration rate is over 95%. Three-layer thickened protectiondesign, soft, comfortable and non-irritating. Made of low-sensitiveproducts

Quality Product, Less Price.

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Optimal FaceMask Pack

50 Pcs

Code: 5304000357795/ Box 50 PCS

Optimal Toilet Wipes

Wet Wipes / 50 Pcs

Code: 5304000357160/ Box 36 PCS

Optimal Adult Wipes

Wet Wipes / 40 Pcs

Code: 5304000204686/ Box 12 PCS

Optimal FaceMask


Code: 5304000357795/ Box 50 PCS